13. Random Haiku & Senryu posted on Twitter

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favorite seasons

change the rhapsodies of life

familiar renewed

mankind’s neighborhood’s

enjoy invention of spring

marked on calendar

Thoughts from past to now

same thoughts with new reasonings

singled and unique

haiku senryu

traditional disciplines

modern medium

(#politics #haiku #senryu)

humans’ historic

continued technology


(“The people may be made to follow a path of action, but they may not be made to understand it.” Confucius 551-479 BCE)

pointless attitudes

skeptical skills and virtues

endless platitudes

Politics’ current

intelligence insulting

provocation theme


one group’s contentment

is reason for the other

group’s discontentment

realists, idealists

death, taxes, war and the poor

certainties of life

social media

amplifies cold civil wars’

heated discussions

goals to a full life


food clothing shelter

always persevere

life’s enjoyed events eclipse

life’s endured ordeals

Zen mind poet mind

writing mind practicing mind

all is the same mind

don’t see self as self

in the phantoms of the mind

hope’s hollow as fear

There is perfection

and there is imperfection

and that is perfect

The solitary

journey to enlightenment

span millennia

fulfill interests

be self-taught self-accomplished

thinking for yourself

The ancient masters

need not be imitated

just seek what they sought

from historic earth

an eternal universe

out of nothingness

(#USMC #vietnamwar #warpoets #haiku)

changing circumstance

instant battle reaction

warrior’s trained mind

(“One who excels at warfare compels men and is not compelled by others.”-Sun Tzu-BCE)

Crafted syllables

from diverse thoughts liken to

varied iceberg tips

12. Poetry Pea Podcast-submissions

Poetry Pea

11. Realization



This dawn moment shared

strolling the tree shrouded path

gazing out to sea


one sentient being

in a balance imparting                                                                                                            

galactic cosmos


Andy Syor

10. Fundamentally

All appears to be

a variable mixture

of same components


perceived within the

universe of galaxies

sparkling energy


a winter blizzard

disappears into the sea

with silent fury


bringing renewal

fresh gentle breezes touch all

announcing the spring


summer circumstance

when flora is in full bloom

lifestyle is relaxed


hued autumn forest

signaling its occupants

harsh cold approaching


sentient beings

connected and sharing this

one experience


Andy Syor


9. Fading Away

My Marine Corps RVN 1966.

Link to my 1966-67 Viet Nam USMC tour blog (short stories and linked haiku)




vented adventures

from hardened participants

of another time


encounters evoked

weapons of their age recalled

fallen remembered


forever preserved

the horrors and the raptures

delivered by war


sharing sensations

Warriors pause to reflect

long ago conflicts


feeling envious

of others who continue

this lasting poem


Andy Syor

8. A Sentimental Journey


(Inspiration; during my Marine Corps enlistment, prior to our landing in Vietnam in 1966, we were on a training voyage to Mt Fuji, Japan when our ship ran into a typhoon.)

Now the time was then                      

and as history repeats

then the time was now

the winds tossed the ship

waves cascading over both

port and starboard rails

earth controlling her

dominating species with

exacting command

hopes of one and all

on seeing a tomorrow

thoughts in the silence

an anxious waiting

for more moments in this life

to present themselves

asleep in the deep

at this event horizon

not for us or ours

the typhoon subsides

and the voyage continues

to unplanned futures

humbled we see that

mortal efforts alone are


Andy Syor

(© Feb 10, 2010-TXu 1-673-107)