This dawn moment shared

strolling the tree shrouded path

gazing out to sea


one sentient being

in a balance imparting                                                                                                            

galactic cosmos


Andy Syor


All appears to be

a variable mixture

of same components


perceived within the

universe of galaxies

sparkling energy


a winter blizzard

disappears into the sea

with silent fury


bringing renewal

fresh gentle breezes touch all

announcing the spring


summer circumstance

when flora is in full bloom

lifestyle is relaxed


hued autumn forest

signaling its occupants

harsh cold approaching


sentient beings

connected and sharing this

one experience


Andy Syor


Fading Away

My Marine Corps RVN 1966.

Link to my 1966-67 Viet Nam USMC tour blog (short stories and linked haiku)




vented adventures

from hardened participants

of another time


encounters evoked

weapons of their age recalled

fallen remembered


forever preserved

the horrors and the raptures

delivered by war


sharing sensations

Warriors pause to reflect

long ago conflicts


feeling envious

of others who continue

this lasting poem


Andy Syor

A Sentimental Journey


(Inspiration; during my Marine Corps enlistment, prior to our landing in Vietnam in1966, we were on a training voyage to Mt Fuji, Japan when our ship ran into a typhoon.)


Now the time was then                      

and as history repeats

then the time was now


the winds tossed the ship

waves cascading over both

port and starboard rails


earth controlling her

dominating species with

exacting command


hopes of one and all

on seeing a tomorrow

thoughts in the silence


an anxious waiting

for more moments in this life

to present themselves


asleep in the deep

at this event horizon

not for us or ours


the typhoon subsides

and the voyage continues

to unplanned futures


humbled we see that

mortal efforts alone are



Andy Syor

(© Feb 10, 2010-TXu 1-673-107)

Shared Being


Boundless horizons

infinite destinations

fleeting durations


Global denizens

commonality obliged

sentient odysseys


Vital energies

Perhaps ch’i possibly soul

searching contentment


Distinct voyages

trenchantly investigate

natural domain


Amidst social melds

persistent paradoxes

evoke reasoning


Andy Syor



Zen Haiku

The ancient masters
need not be imitated
just seek what they sought


in this existence

my mind is an empty sky

ready and able


Reality is

ones’ personal agreement

today is today


always persevere

life’s enjoyed events eclipse

life’s endured ordeals


use mind as mirror

grasp nothing refuse nothing

receive all keep none


perceive and dismiss 

greed, anger and delusion

the mind’s three poisons


searching awareness

the thirsty go to the well

of Zen metaphors


becoming one with

mind and body removing

desire for praises  


accord or conflict

the cause of all that happens

is all that happens


there is perfection

and there is imperfection

and that is perfect


to the enlightened

and to the unenlightened

the world’s as it is